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Music by René Mertzig (1911 – 1986)

After many ups and downs, LMP is proud to announce the publication of René Mertzig’s works, one of the most important composers for Luxembourg’s musical heritage. Among the publications will be the serenade Cité éblouissante for septet and quintet of clarinets. The cycles of Lieder for baryton and piano or orchestra will follow and Claude Kraus will prepare reduced versions of the orchestra parts. Mertzig’s compositions for orchestra and chamber music will be published too.


Der Geiger von Echternach by Lou Koster

LMP published three versions of this major work by Lou Koster: An arrangement for seven-part vocal ensemble with violin and piano by Christian Meister for SINGER PURrecently recorded, a second version for soloists, choir and orchestra by Pierre Cao, and a thrid arrangement for small ensembles, soloists and choir by the young composer Nigji Sanges

Samples of the recording can be found on Naxos’ Website and here.

Singer Pur OC 1721 front NOA neu

LMP joins the newly-formed Music Alliance

The Music Alliance (Alliance luxembourgeoise des structures professionnelles de la musique – Alliance musicale) was founded in June 2021. The 16 founding members, among them INECC, CAPE, Trifolion Echternach, and SACEM Luxembourg, aim to promote exchanges and collaborations between the various professional structures of the Luxembourg’s music sector.  


Henri Pensis – a facet to discover…

LMP is currently preparing the edition of works by Henri Pensis (1900-1958). Pensis is mainly acknowledged for his abundant merits regarding symphonic music in Luxembourg. He founded and conducted the RTL Symphony Orchestra from 1933 to 1958 – with the exception of the period from 1940 to 1946, during which he lived in exile in the US. But Henri Pensis was likewise a skilled violinist (he was a Konzertmeister of the WDR Funkhaus Orchester), and a learned composer (having studied with Philipp Jarnach at the Musikhochschule Köln). As there is hardly any sheet music of Pensis’ compositions available, LMP, committed to conserve the treasures of Luxembourg’s musical history, decided to feature some works by this remarkable musician. May this undertaking bring some new insight into this important figure of Luxembourg’s cultural life!

Chance brought it about that some shelf meters of well-ordered files with many autographs and copies of Pensis’ compositions were found in the archives of the Conservatoire in Luxembourg City. As a first batch, LMP intends to publish a collection of songs. Reflecting the cosmopolitan character of this small country, the lyrics will be in French, German, English and, of course, Luxembourgish. These songs bear testimony to Pensis’ sensibility and refined chromatic writing.

As a next step, LMP plans to publish some chamber music works (e.g. Lullaby and the Fantasy on 2 Christmas Carols), as well as some pieces for symphonic orchestra, respectively for wind band. Our News section will be updated for any new releases. – Henri Foehr

Luxembourg Classical Meeting

showcases Luxembourgish’s solists, ensembles and young talents. LMP will participate in this major event held on the 16-17th September 2021 in Philharmonie Luxembourg. The detailed programme can be found on the website of Kultur|lx.


About LMP

Luxembourg Music Publishers a.s.b.l. is a non-profit organisation founded in November 2013 and supported by Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg.

Our main objective is to promote Luxembourg composers or close to our country by publishing and selling scores of their compositions. We inform about composers published in the catalog, about their artistic activities, link to their personal sites, and beyond, we also offer information about artists, sets or associations active in this directory.

Currently, LMP’s publishing activities are mainly focused in 3 directions: contemporary composers, our musical heritage and the educational repertoire. We have concluded several cooperation agreements in order to focus on two important Luxembourgish traditions: choral music and music for harmony orchestra.

The LMP catalog offers nearly 800 publications. They are all of interest, as much for their musical content as for their importance for the instrumental repertoire.

The online store of our site offers different possibilities of purchase: the direct purchase with its module of payment PayPal or bank transfer, or even more traditional methods like the orders by e-mail or postal way.

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