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André Reichling passed away!

We learned with consternation and great sadness of the unexpected death of our member and friend Mr. André Reichling. LMP pays tribute to its eminent collaborator, his competence and his motivation.

André Reichling has participated in numerous research and publication projects and has produced a large number of adaptations for wind orchestra.

His courtesy, affability, sincerity and loyalty in friendship will serve as an example.

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Andrée Wietor to join LMP as PR Manager

As our musical edition is growing steadily, public relations are becoming increasingly important. In order to meet this requirement, LMP is delighted to announce that Ms Andrée Wietor is joining our team and will be responsible for public relations. Holder of several masters, employed in a higher career with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Ms Wietor also worked for the Information and Press Service of the Luxembourg government, Department of Public Relations, and was liaison officer for various foreign delegations during the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union. We are convinced that the collaboration with Ms Wietor will enrich the development of our activities and we wish her good luck in her arduous task.

New board of administrators

We welcome two new administrators: Danielle Roster, musicologist, who overtakes Pierre Christen’s job as secretary and Henri Foehr cellist and professor at Luxembourg Conservatory of Music. As LMP is growing steadily, it is important that outstanding personalities share and help to develop our image of commitment to music from Luxembourg.

New publications by Roland Wiltgen

LMP has just published several recent works, including a very “fresh” one, by this interesting and prolific Luxembourgish composer.

His latest composition, the Second String Quartet, has yet to be officially premiered.

Two symphonic works: Orbital Resonances, for symphonic orchestra, premiered on 24 September 2018 at the Philharmonie Luxembourg by the Solistes Européens Luxembourg conducted by Christoph Koenig, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture.

Accumulation II, for an ensemble of thirteen musicians, has been recently revised by the composer, the first version having been premiered in 2003 as part of the 20th anniversary of the LGNM by Luxembourg Sinfonietta under the conducting of Marcel Wengler.

Finally two educational compositions: Dance and Romance, for oboe and piano and Prelude and lullaby, for flute and piano, degree of difficulty: 1-2

New publications of contemporary music

LMP publishes recent works by Olivier Dartevelle, Johny Fritz, Camille Kerger, and Marcel Reuter

Publications by Claus Krumlovsky

Our first publications by Claus Krumlovsky are also online now. To take into account the extremely varied aspect of his production, we have published instrumental works for winds, piano and chamber music for winds. Works for strings and chamber music will follow shortly.

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Publications by Jules Kruger

Jules Krüger’s first publications by LMP are online now. Among them 6 Preludes for piano, a real masterpiece, Mélancholie, a genre piece for violin or cello and piano, later on adapted for string quartet and 3 Pieces for string quartet. His berceuse for piano has been transcribed for string quartet as well and his variations on a theme by Laurent Menager, “d’Margréitchen” is been published in its original orchestration for symphony orchestra and for wind orchestra. Variations on d’Margréitchen is supposed to be one of the first pieces in our history of real symphonic caracter.

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Pedagogical by Norbert Hoffmann

Norbert Hoffmann has written quite a few pieces for pedagogical purposes. They are adaptable for different instruments, mainly woodwinds or brass.

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About LMP

Luxembourg Music Publishers a.s.b.l. is a non-profit organisation founded in November 2013 and supported by Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg.

Our main objective is to promote Luxembourg composers or close to our country by publishing and selling scores of their compositions. We inform about composers published in the catalog, about their artistic activities, link to their personal sites, and beyond, we also offer information about artists, sets or associations active in this directory.

Currently, LMP’s publishing activities are mainly focused in 3 directions: our living composers, our musical heritage and the educational repertoire. We have concluded several cooperation agreements in order to concentrate  on two important Luxembourgish traditions, that of choral music and that of music for harmony orchestra.

The LMP catalog offers nearly 700 publications. They are all of interest, as much for their musical content as for their importance for the instrumental repertoire.

The online store of our site offers different possibilities of purchase: the direct purchase with its module of payment PayPal or bank transfer, or even more traditional methods like the orders by e-mail or postal way.

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