PEDAGOGICAL publications

Luxembourg Music Publishers is going to significantly develop this section: it is obvious that if we want to bring our composers and their music closer to the usual music lover, we must start by raising the awareness of young people in the schools. On the other hand, we would like to provide teachers of music schools and conservatories with interesting instrumental literature that could be included in the curriculum and / or as set pieces in exams.

LMP will not publish pieces for beginners, but will adapt to the different categories of our exams, Preparatory, M2 M1, A2 and A1 or P2 and P1. The upper division, and even already the medium division, will certainly find works from the “normal” repertoire of composers.

In order to set up a very representative repertory, we kindly ask for your help: please report interesting pieces of composers of our country and mention the degree of difficulty, tell us about set pieces of exams of music schools and conservatories, we will make the best possible choice .

Thank you very much for your help!!