Luxembourg Music Publishers a.s.b.l. is a non-profit organisation founded in November 2013 and supported by Luxembourg Ministry of Culture.

Our main objective is to promote composers from Luxembourg or in close contact with our country, by editing and selling their music scores.

The concept is based on « print on demand », every score is digitalized, registered with our personal reference and the ISMN reference, stored on cloud and printed if ordered. The production time is very short and allows to respond within a few days to any order.

Our board of administrators:

Claude Krier, President
Alexander Müllenbach, Vice-President
Camille Kerger, Vice-President
Danielle Roster, Secretary
Claude Crauser, Treasurer
Henri Foehr, Member
Claude Kraus, Member


Luxembourg Music Publishers a.s.b.l.
“An der Schmëtt”
7, rue de l’Ecole
[email protected]

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