Christen Pierre *1955

Born in Luxembourg on the 25th of August, 1955. Musical studies at the „Conservatoire de Musique“ in Luxembourg (piano and trombone) as well as at the „Conservatoire National de Région“ in Metz (trombone). Since 1976 member of the „Musique Militaire Grand-Ducale“.

At over 30 years of age, further musical studies at the „Conservatoire Royal de Musique“ in Liège (music theory, analysis and history), followed by a studies of musicology at the „Universität des Saarlandes“ completed in 2002 with a Magister Artium degree. Since 2004 resumption of studies of composition in Luxembourg under Alexander Mullenbach.

Works include a Piano Sonata, several Lieder, a chamber musical work, two string quartets, and a Concert for Tuba and Symphonic Wind Orchestra.