Singing – what a wonderful activity! Sing together: even better! As natural as the vocals may be, it still requires a minimum of care and organisation. This is where INECC comes in: all singers, regardless of their age, musical education and repertoire skills, should have access to all forms of vocals to develop and enhance their voices.

What does INECC do?

Supporting the joy of singing, but also …sensitize and train (from the introduction to the professional training), accompany and advise organisational and educational help, initiate partnerships, create synergies, bringing amateurs into contact with professional structures and artists, make relationships

What are our priorities?

Animate children and teenagers to sing, train future choir conductors, voice training and musical education for singers and choir singers, advisory support for initiatives. INECC can help you and has the right contacts in the conception of projects and the identification of suitable partners. INECC is the ideal partner to develop, plan and implement a musical project!

INECC offers are for you, of course! Especially if you are a teacher, mentor, promoter, an association, a further education structure, a cultural center, a community, etc. INECC is higly networked nationally and has the necessary expertise to implement vocal projects. Think of INECC!

INECC and LMP collaborate in publishing a whole catalogue of Luxembourgish songs in various arrangements

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