Claude Kraus was born in Luxembourg in 1988 and began his musical studies at the Conservatoire du Nord in Ettelbruck, where he took piano lessons with Stefano Evangelista. In 2009, he finished his studies in Luxembourg with a „diplôme supérieur“ in piano, now studying with Jean Muller. He then entered the piano class of Prof. Thomas Duis and Prof. Fedele Antonicelli at the University of Music Saar, where he finished his pedagogical piano studies with a Bachelor of Music’s degree in summer 2013. He then completed his studies in Saarbrücken with a Master’s degree in Contemporary Music in the class of Prof. Stefan Litwin. He has taken part in several masterclasses with pianists and musicians such as Jean Muller, Thomas Duis, Masahi Katayama, Tatevik Mokatsian, Eduard Brunner (clarinet), Ludek Sabaka, Stefan Litwin, Florian Hölscher, Yukiko Sugawara-Lachenmann and has also had the pleasure of working with Helmut Lachenmann.

Besides playing the piano, Claude Kraus took clarinet lessons with Alain Hecker, Sébastien Duguet and Matthias Höfer, chambre music lessons with Jean Halsdorf and Tatevik Mokatsian and studied composition with Marcel Reuter and Arnulf Herrmann. Among the interpreters of his compositions figure the United Instruments of Lucilin, Trio Inverso, Robert Schuman Choir, The Duke’s Singers andthe Luxembourg Studio Orchestra. In 2015, Sébastien Duguet and the Orchestre de Chambre du Luxembourg (OCL) premiered his Clarinet Concerto in Ettelbruck.

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