The Luxembourg cathedral choir publishes, as part of its 175th anniversary, certain musical works closely related to religious services. These works by Pol Albrecht, Pierre Barthel, Jean-Pierre Beicht, Heinrich Oberhoffer, Jean-Pierre Schmit and Nicolas Schuh are published in special edition and in collaboration with Luxembourg Music Publishers.
Nicolas Schuh was born on March 26th, 1910 in Mertert and received his first music lessons in solfège, piano, violin and organ from his father. He was also taught piano and harmony by Max Menager. At the age of nineteen, Nicolas Schuh went to the conservatory of Luxembourg. His subjects were piano, singing, harmony (with Fernand Mertens) and organ (with Albert Leblanc). In 1937 he began teaching solfège and singing at the conservatory, occupation which he held until his retirement. Nicolas Schuh sang in the choir of the Maîtrise de la Cathédrale for 47 years, often as a tenor soloist. He regularly represented the conductor here. He died on 1.3.1995.