Publications by Pol Albrecht

 After the publication of different works by Heinrich Oberhoffer (1824-1885), LMP publishes compositions by Pol Albrecht (1874-1975), 6 Tantum ergo, für Männerchor TTBB a cappella, 6 Lieder für eine Singstimme mit Klavierbegleitung, D’Allmächtegkeet, für Männerchor TTBB mit Klavierbegleitung, Der Blumen Königin, für Kinderchor SA mit Klavier, Der Immakulata, für Männerchor TTBB, Graflidd, für Männerchor TTBB a cappella, Missa in honorem Consolatricis Afflictorum Patronae Patriae, für Männerchor TTBB a cappella et Missa in honorem St. Joseph, für gemischten Chor STBB und Orgel.

Pol Albrecht was born on 23 May 1874 in Luxembourg. At the age of 15 he entered the Luxembourg Army Band  and studied instrumentation and harmony with Gustav Kahnt and Dominique Heckmes, the conductor of the Cäcilienverein Luxembourg cathedral. In 1938 he became bandmaster. On May 8, 1975, Pol Albrecht died in Luxembourg City.

He wrote 83 songs, including 18 for choir, 73 marches, overtures, dances and religious compositions as well as an impressive number of other works. Many of them remain part of the national repertoire and are frequently performed by choirs and bands