Roland Wiltgen, a busy composer!

In our recent newsletter, we made a fairly serious oversight which we would like to correct: we forgot to talk about three important publications for symphony orchestra and concert band by Roland Wiltgen, Schmelz for Wind Band, Konzertstück mit Barcarole für Sinfonieorchester, and Canzona for Wind Band. A few months earlier Roland Wiltgen had also published Weather Report, for Brass Ensemble & Percussion. Konzertstück mit Barcarole is a commission of the Ministry of Culture and was created on March 10, 2024 by the Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Pit Brosius, at the Luxembourg Conservatory. The Schmelz trilogy dates from 2015 and Canzona 1986. 

Feel freet to listen, quite a few of his works are on Soundcloud.